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A Fabrication Laboratory & Design Studio located in the Highland Park Neighborhood of Los Angeles.


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Drink Coffee in Style - Echo Lake Coffee

Thanks to our good friends at Nephew LA we finally have beautiful photos of Echo Lake Coffee in Echo Park (or Silver Lake…who knows???).  Go check it out, pick up some Kickstand cold brew and enjoy drinking coffee in style (literally).

1202 N. Alvarado St., Ste. A
Los Angeles, CA 90026





Photos courtesy of Nephew LA

Downbeat Cafe Progress

Pre-bending the tailored bead-board around the cashwrap frame.

Laminating up curved flooring for counter top.

Glueing counter top flooring in place.

Counter top installed, nosing routed.  Notice the grain bending.

Tailored bead-board primed and installed.

Introducing Tailor-Made: Miniature Golf with Class

Are you classy?  Do you love miniature golf?  Knowhow Shop recently designed this mini-golf hole, and we are currently looking for a client and site, so that we can give it a try! Learn more about Tailor-Made and other Knowhow Shop projects on our Projects page.

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