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A Fabrication Laboratory & Design Studio located in the Highland Park Neighborhood of Los Angeles.


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Giada + Knowhow

Herb wall designed for upcoming Giada at Home episode. Hopefully we’re invited for dinner!

Black & White: Wooden Upholstery


Take a look at this beautiful suite of wooden upholstered outdoor furniture we just finished for the Whitehouse.

First Bench Class Photos

Some pictures from our first Garden Bench class. Thanks to all who attended. Have a seat, you guys earned it!

Introducing the Knowhow Shop Dining Set

We built a dining set comprising the Cracked Table and Kerf Chairs for local public relations firm Secret Agent PR. We constructed the pieces out of reclaimed old growth and new FSC-certified redwood. The Knowhow Shop Dining Set will soon be available in a variety of materials and finishes from our shop so stay tuned!

Photos courtesy of Ben Miller:

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